Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 Provides OpenGL Speed Boost

Macs Only! conducted some performance testing on the Leopard Graphics Update and found substantial improvements in OpenGL performance, according to a report on Monday.

"One of our problems with Leopard was slow OpenGL graphics performance in our speed tests," Bill Fox reported. "I had just a short time in between trips to check OpenGL performance and it seems to have improved. The Cinebench 9.5 OpenGL Hardware Graphics test increased marginally from 4023 to 4122, the Xbench 1.3 OpenGL test increased a more substantially from 129 to 161 and, finally, the Quake III Arena UB test surged from 398 frames/sec to a whopping 686 frames/sec." The tests were on a MacBook Pro.

Most Mac users wonit notice the improvements in every day operations, but itis nice to see some concrete data about what the fix from Apple does, under the hood.