Leopard: Quick Look Package Contents

Apple offers a way to look inside installer packages via contextual menus, but it can be even easier than that. Thanks to Leopardis Quick Look feature and a free plug-in, you can check a packageis contents with a quick tap of the Space bar.

You first need to download the Suspicious Package plug-in for Quick Look. Itis available at the Mothers Ruin Software Web site. Open the SuspiciousPackage disk image, and drag the plug-in into Library/QuickLook in your Home directory.

Preview package files in Quick Look with Suspicious Package

After Suspicious Package is installed, you can select a package file and tap the Space bar to see the itemis contents. Suspicious Package will display a listing of the package contents, show the fileis size, and let you know if an Administrator password or system restart is required when the package is installed.

Suspicious Package is a slick tool for checking out a packageis contents to see if it contains a file you need, or to make sure the package contains the files you expect it to.

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