Leopard: Regaining the Dock's Hierarchical Menus

Mac OS X 10.5 added some great features, but it took away a few, too. One feature I sorely miss from Tiger is the ability to display hierarchical menus in the Dock. That amazingly handy feature was replaced in Leopard with Stacks -- useful in its own way, but not a tool that fits my style. Thanks to the efforts of third party developers, however, my beloved hierarchical menus live on in Leopard.

One application that returns hierarchical menus to Leopardis Dock is the free HierarchicalDock from Eternal Storms Software. This app creates special folder icons for your Dock that act like the hierarchical menus from pre-Leopard days. Just drag a folder into the HierarchicalDock window, and then drag it to your Dock.

Leopardis Stacks...

HierarchicalDock lets you display folder contents alphabetically, by creation date, or last date used. It also supports displaying folder contents with Quick Look icons.

...and HierarchicalDockis menus.

Leopardis Stacks features is nice, but if you rely on pop-up folder menus in the Dock for navigating regularly used directories, HierarchicalDock adds back a feature that many users -- including me -- just canit seem to live without.

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