Leopard's 300 New Features

Apple is touting Mac OS X 10.5, or Leopard, and the biggest update to the Macis operating system to date. For those that are curious just what the 300-plus new features tucked away in Leopard include, Apple is now listing them all on its Web site.

While some of the listed new features feel like a bit of a stretch, like additional smileys in iChat, new backgrounds in Photo Booth, or new screen savers, other features seem completely worthy of the "new" tag.

Some of the notable new features in Leopard include improved security with enhanced VPN compatibility and application sandboxing, multiple virtual desktops with Spaces, location-aware printing, new Mail and Safari applications, and group scheduling in iCal.

The full list of new Leopard features is available at the Apple Web site.

Mac OS X 10.5 will be available at 6PM local time on Friday, October 26. It will be priced at US$129, or $9.95 for customers that purchased a Mac on or after October 1.