Leopard's Little Known Sweet Sixteen Features

Appleis marketing machine has been focusing on the major new features of Leopard like Time Machine, Spaces and the new Dock. However, Jon Henshaw has compiled a list of lesser known but very useful features that are included in Leopard.

Several of the notables ones are:

#1. TextEdit: "Take advantage of TextEdit support for the Word 2007 and OpenDocument formats for reading and writing."

#3. System preferences: "Get yourself a .Mac account and your System Preferences can stay in sync across all your Macs. No matter what Mac you use, you?ll feel right at home."

#4. Discreet Guest: "Allow anyone to surf the web and check email as a guest on your Mac. When they log out of the guest account, Mac OS X purges the account, removing any trace of their activity. So each time someone logs in as a guest, he or she gets a fresh, unused account."

#9. Self-tuning TCP. "Let Leopard adjust TCP buffer size automatically. Get optimum application performance, especially in high-bandwidth/high-latency environments."

#16. Yahoo Address Book Sync. "Synchronize Address Book on your Mac with your Yahoo! address book. Just enter your Yahoo! account information in Address Book preferences to get started."

The list suggests that in addition to major new features in Leopard, Apple has also spent its time in the last 2.5 years attending to the details that will make Mac life a lot easier and more productive.