Leopard's Quick Desktop Backup

Protecting your important files is a big deal, and Apple has given us a few options to help make backing up information easier. Mac OS X 10.5 brought us Time Machine, and .Mac users can take advantage of Backup, but Leopard also adds an easy way to backup just the contents on your Desktop.

You can backup your Desktop files from the Finder.

Leopardis Burn "Desktop" to Disc feature does just that. You can find the option by selecting your Desktop folder, and then choosing File > Burn "Desktop" to Disc while in the Finder. The Finder will spend a minute or two preparing for the backup, and then will present you with a dialog asking for a blank CD or DVD. Inserting a disc in your Mac will begin the backup, or click the Cancel button to stop the process.

The Finder asks for a blank disc when it is ready to backup your files.

Burn "Desktop" to Disc isnit a replacement for a good backup routine because it isnit automated, and it only copies files from your Desktop. It is, however, a great supplement -- especially if you tend to keep lots of files on your Desktop.

Of course, Apple tends to be pretty good with its follow-through on features. Try selecting different folders: You can use this feature to burn any folder on your hard drive to a CD or DVD.

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