Lessons Learned from a Lost Macintosh Drive

When a Mac useris hard disk started to act up, it started a chain of events that took long hours and some expertise to recover from. The story was described in a feature article at MyMac posted Wednesday.

The dual 2.0 GHz G5 Macintosh started to act strangely. Waking from sleep was erratic. Rich Lefko knew the end was near for his hard disk. What happened next was a technical exercise and a learning experience that covered almost the complete span of Macintosh tools for recovering data. Mr. Lefko wrote: "I thought I would share my experience so that others might not make the same mistakes I made."

We love our Macs when they run smoothly. But this story poignantly recounted the emotional roller coaster and all the technical gotchas that can crop up when the hardware goes bad. Solemn reading.