Lexar SD Memory Card Connects Wirelessly to Macs, PCs

Lexar announced on Friday the launch of its "Shoot-n-Sync" Wi-Fi Memory card. The SD card enables photographers to wirelessly upload their photos to a PC or Mac over a Wi-Fi network without removing it from the camera.

The 2GB memory card, compatible with SD-compatible digital cameras, reliably records and stores digital photos in a camera just like a standard memory card, but adds the time-saving convenience and simplicity of wireless uploading from camera to computer and directly to the Internet, according to Lexar.

The card connection to a computer or Website is pre-configured with a PC or Mac utility that tells the card about the Wi-Fi password and the account information necessary to log on and transfer photos. Then, whenever the camera comes in range of, say, a home Wi-Fi network, the photos are automatically uploaded to the specified computer -- without the need to remove the card from the camera.

The system is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. The Lexar "Shoot-n-Sync" will ship in early October and is priced at US$99.99. It includes a USB card reader for initial, one-time set-up.