LifeShaker 1.0.1 Auto Backs Up, Eliminates Installer

Funky Cloud announced on Wednesday the immediate availability of LifeShaker 1.0.1. The new version improves data entry, auto backs up the database on launch, eliminates the need for an installer and more.

New features and changes include the following:

  • [NEW] Double-clicking on a grid item, locates the item in the list and enters editing?mode (in v1.0 this was done with an option-click). If the list area is currently?hidden it will be shown automatically.
  • [NEW]? Database is now backed up automatically on launch.?
  • [NEW] Enter Serial Number option added to Help menu for users who have bought a?serial number from the web store.?
  • [CHG]? Option-clicking on a grid item now locates the item in the list but does not?enter editing mode. If the list area is currently hidden it will now be shown?
  • automatically.
  • [CHG]? LifeShaker no longer uses an installer.?
  • [CHG]? User Manual now located inside app rather than in /Applications/LifeShaker?folder.?
  • [CHG]? Window no longer fills screen when LifeShaker is launched for the first time.?
  • [CHG]? Serial number now shown on About LifeShaker window as one line.?
  • [CHG]? Manage Categories window layout tweaked to match main window.?
  • [CHG]? Search field now visually separated from the Categories list.?


LifeShaker is a "ToDo" list manager with a new twist and updated concept. Its features are:

  • See nine goals at a glance in LifeShakeris innovative grid view
  • Shake up the grid to bring new goals into the mix
  • Create categories for your goals and give them custom colors
  • Break a goal down into steps and see only the next step in the grid
  • Marvel at the top secret code that keeps the grid view fresh
  • Prioritize your goals with our special stars
  • Drag completed goals to the tick and hear the sweet sound of success
  • Drop those pesky goals (that youire avoiding) on the Backburner but mind your fingers...itis hot!
  • ...and listen out for some nifty sound effects

LifeShaker 1.0.1 requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later. There is a fully functional, free, 14 day demo available. It is priced at US$29.00.