Linx Software Reborn As LinXS

One of the first companies to commit to a ground up OS X application was the ill-fated Linx Software. Reportedly designing a suite of apps to give OS X users high quality e-mail, MP3, word processing, and other features, the product was released and pulled in less than three weeks. However, the company has been rebuilt and is around for another go as LinXS. Working on a series of new, or revamped, OS X apps, LinXS hopes to ship a full suite of OS X native applications by this summeris MACWORLD NY Expo. According to LinXS:

The company formerly known as LinxSoftware is today proud to unveil theoutcome of its massive restructuring program. The company is to return to thecomputer industry after a near six-month absence.

In mid 2000 LinxSoftware released a Public Beta of its flagship productbearing same name. A productivity application built specifically for Mac OS Xincorporated many features. Acting as a personal assistant, the applicationenabled the user to send and receive mail, word process, play QuickTime andMP3 files and use Napster features directly. It also included an advancedUser Interface that behaved like AQUA before the release of Mac OS X. Thesoftware unfortunately included serious flaws due to it1s a hasty release. Inspite of being embraced by the public well, with over a half a milliondownloads, it was withdrawn after only eighteen days.

The restructured company, to be known as lin:XS, has relocated and extendedits web presence to the more prestigious location of -A brand new website, the result of over two months cutting edge web design,headed by company CEO Jay Dylan Tyler, includes separate spaces for each ofit1s products. Also included is a web version of the company1s first productentitled linXS:ConnectMac

Lin:XS has also today announced a completely new and ambitious new productfamily. The collection consists of four Mac OS X applications and digitalnews broadcast service. The new product family encompass the features of theinitial LinxSoftware release, but to ensure compatibility and bug free code,is rewritten completely.

The products are named as follows: linXS:GenerationMac; linXS:ConnectMac;linXS:CashMac and linXS:MplayMac. Each has different release dates betweenFebruary and July in 2001.

You can find more information at the new LinXS web site.