Lisa2, The Perfect... Web Server?

Slashdot posted an article recently about an 18-year old old Lisa 2, still working as an important part of one Apple useris day to day life.

On the MacHTTP community mailing list, the owner posted the following:

Hello All,
Due to the many requests, I just put on-line my Apple Lisa2 web server.
Since I am not finished with my site content I am only going leave her up till about 8:00am on 1/2/2002 US Central Time. Check it out at:

Let me know what you think. As far as I know, She is the only Apple Lisa2 based web server in the world, and she may be one of the oldest PCis on the net!

My current config is:
Apple Lisa2
Lisa Screen Mod.
800K disk Mod.
1 Meg slot RAM
MacWorks+II Ver 2.5.5
XLerator 18 with 8 meg Fast RAM
Sun SCSI with QuickBoot ROM
500 Meg SCSI Drive with Apple ROM
Mac System 7.01?
MacTCP 2.06
MacHTTP 2.2.2

TCP/IP via MacIP to my RevB iMac running IPnetrouter.
iMac Modem @ 50K to net.
Additionally, this Lisa 2 still performs day to day tasks, such as being part of an Ethernet LAN, is printing to PostScript printers, and supports large volumes and CD-ROM drives.

Although the posters on the article - one of whom is TMO forum member x136 - believe that the iSlashdot effecti is to blame for Lisa2.comis current non-responsiveness, the owner clearly states that he planned to take it down by the 2nd of January. If youire keen to check out what was there, you can download this iCab web archive. The domain name now points to the MacHTTP project, the server this machine uses.