LithiumCorp Announces Monitoring Plug-ins for Xserve Family

The Lithium Corp announced on Tuesday their new range of monitoring plug-ins for Xserve, Xserve RAID, AirPort base stations, Mac OS X Server and Qlogic Fibre Channel switches.

"These new plug-ins extend LithiumCorpis network, server and appliance monitoring suite -- "Lithium" -- to provide a depth of monitoring for these specific products that is not found in any other third-party application," the announcement said.

"Previously the domain of Appleis own imonitoringi tools, Lithium now provides a real alternative for managers of Apple-centric server and storage deployments that need a monitoring system that can competently handle these specialized devices as well as providing solid SNMP monitoring support for all the rest of their network equipment."

Lithium stated their mission as, " the network, server and appliance monitoring software suite for the Mac platform. The release of these new monitoring plug-ins is a major step forward in providing the Mac server, storage and enterprise community with a solid alternative to clunky, ugly and incomplete tools that used to be the only way to get any sort of monitoring telemetry from the devices in their infrastructure deployments."

The new Xserve, Xserve RAID, Qlogic, Airport and Mac OS X Server device modules are available for purchase online and are priced at US$5 to $39. A sampler bundle is priced at US$29 and is good for three months.

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