Little Gods Offers Pong-Style Gameplay With a Twist

Grim Inventions Interactive has released the Mac version of Little Gods, a game that takes the basic bats-and-bricks style of gameplay found in Pong and Breakout and offers a twist on the concept. The storyline behind the action concerns Jack and Bozu, who want to return to their homelands but must battle each other to entertain Pillboa.

Gamers can play solo against a computer-controlled opponent or again another player. Like Pong, the goal is to knock the ball past the other player to score a point. As in Breakout, there are bricks that can be eliminated, but these bricks move and disappear at will, adding to the complexity. Each player can gather mana that can be used to obtain power-ups from Pillboa.

There are nine mystical powers in the game, along with more characters and arenas that can be unlocked by gathering the karma earned by collecting sacred totems. Little Gods also features four game modes, almost 80 levels and a level editor. New objects can be downloaded and added to the game as plug-ins.

Pricing is US$19.99. System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3, an 800MHz processor, 128MB RAM and 32MB video RAM.

Jack and Bozu duke it out