Local Columnist Slams School System For Removing Macs From Schools

Rants and raves are common in the Mac community. We love this, we hate that, so and so is brilliant, and we are surprised that this or that idiot manages to shave in the mornings without cutting his own throat, and gee, maybe we should do it for him... Thatis all in a days work for the many Mac sites awed and dismayed by daily events in the technology world, but how often do you run across a pro-Mac, Windows-slammini editorial written by a fired up local newspaper columnist?

Thatis what we have today, as St. Petersburg Times (Florida) columnist Howard Troxler takes the local school superintendent to task for his plan to remove all those pesky non-corporate Macs from his schools. Better yet, he does so subtly, and with skill. From the column:

I totally endorse the decision of Howard Hinesley, the school chief in Pinellas County, to eliminate Apple computers from the public schools and switch to Windows-based computers.


After all, the entire point of public education is to prepare children for the real world, and the real world is dominated by Windows.

There is no sense in letting kids get accustomed to easier-to-use, more reliable machines that are less prone to viruses when they will have to grow up and survive in the modern workplace.

It just gets better from there, and we heartily recommend the full column as a very good read.