Lonely Thespians Rejoice! Run Lines With Your Mac Using Narrator

Dejal Systems has released a new app for OS X, Narrator 1.0b1. Narrator is a speech synthesis app designed for translating written text into speech. The app features character voices for different text parts and a read-along option for running lines with your Mac. According to Dejal Systems:

Dejal Systems today introduced its first product for Mac OS X, called Narrator.

This application utilizes speech synthesis to read out the contents of a text document, using different voices for different parts. You have a range of "actors" that can portray any number of "characters", so various passages of your document are spoken with differing voices, pitches, inflections, etc.

You can have it read out a play or story with appropriate voices. The words are highlighted on-screen, and there is also a silent read-along option for stage directions, or for you to read out your own parts.

You can find more information about the Narrator release at the Dejal System Web site. Narrator 1.0 is currently a beta release and is available as freeware.