Long Live Doom! OpenGL Version Still In The Works

Several years after id released the source code for the original Doom game, developers are still working on "modernizing" the game to take advantage of todayis latest and greatest technologies, notably OpenGL. The port is progressing nicely, but help is needed for the home stretch. iDev Gamesi Calum Robinson is leading the Doom Legacy team, and offered this update:

OpenGL Mac Doom Legacy DooM Legacy is an enhanced version of the original Doom game by iDSoftware. This project started in December 1997 after idSoftware released the source code to Doom. The projectis first goal was to fix any outstanding bugs that the original source code included. Efforts are now centered around the visual aspects of the game. Using OpenGL, the programmers can now use the power of todayis graphic cards. The result is the same great game play with much better eye-candy. Additional features have also been added to DooM Legacy.

Calum Robinson (calum@idevgames.com) has been working on the Macintosh port of this project.

A complete site re-design will be forthcoming in the near future by Mr. Robinson. Programmers, Level designers, and Graphic artists interested in working on this project should contact Calum Robinson (calum@idevgames.com) directly.

Carlos Camacho, editor of iDevGames.com said "Itis great to see Macintosh programmers taking advantage of iDSoftwareis source code to enhance the level of gaming on the Macintosh platform with todayis technology. We look forward to hosting and working with other project teams in the future. The efforts of these programmers should be applauded as they are helping to keep our platform on level footing with the other major gaming platforms."

If you are interested in this neat project, you can find more information at the Doom Legacy web site.