Look Inside Your Zip Files with Ziplight

Tigeris Spotlight feature is a good tool for helping you find files based on their content, but itis just about worthless if you want to look inside Zip archives. That is, if you donit have Ziplight.

This clever little Spotlight plug-in looks at the contents of your Zip files and reports back with the names of the items they hold. For example, if you are looking for a file called Stage 5, but arenit sure which Zip archive itis hiding inside, just type the file name in Spotlight and let your Mac lead to where it is stashed away.

Spotlight found my file in a Zip archive.

You need to install the Ziplight plug-in in the Spotlight plug-ins folder. It is hiding in Users/<your home directory>/Library/Spotlight. If you want to make the plug-in available to all of the users on your Mac, toss it into /Library/Spotlight instead.

Ziplight is Universal Binary, and itis free. You can download it at the Bartas Technologies Web site.

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