Looking For A New Font?

Scooter Graphics has updated Marty Pfeifferis Apple inspired font, Nu Sans, to version 2.0. Nu Sans is based on Appleis trademark Epsy Sans font, and is optimized for screen display rather than printing purposes. According to Mr. Pfeiffer:

Just wanted you to know that my $8 Nu Sans Monospaced font family has been updated. Version 2.0 is now available in PostScript and TrueType flavors. This version adds a bold weight to the regular and "Selectric-Inspired" italic.

Nu Sans Monospaced is a fixed width version of Nu Sans, optimized for on-screen display. Nu Sans is inspired by Apple Computeris Espy Sans bitmap font.

The Nu Sans font is available for US$8. You can find more information at Scooter Graphics web site.