Looking For Mac OS X Tips? New Web Site Has You Covered

A new Web site has launched aiming to provide Mac users with tips and information on how to accomplish a wide variety of tasks on their machines. MacTipsCafe hopes to help Mac OS X users get the most out of the new OS by providing information on how to perform a number of OS X and Unix related tasks. According to MacTipsCafe:

MacTipsCafe (www.mactipscafe.com) provides tips, tricks and hints for Macintosh computers, especially those running the new Mac OS X. The sheer elegance of the Mac meeting the power of Unix has got to be one of the most exciting advances in operating system history. But that change means that Mac users are having to learn some new ways of doing things. MacTipsCafe is here to ease that learning process. Itis a great time to be a Mac user!

Tips are step by step procedures that include screen shots describing how to do a variety of tasks under Mac OS X. New tips are constantly being added and include topics such as the following:

  • How do I write and run a Java program in Mac OS X?
  • Dock tips and tricks
  • How do I write and run and AppleScript program in Mac OS X?
  • How do I install different system sounds in Mac OS X?
  • How do I force an application to quit?
  • How do I display a picture on my desktop?
  • How do I temporarily boot into Mac OS 9.1?
  • How do I use the Terminal to transfer files via FTP?
  • How do I install a screen saver module?
  • Window Tips and Tricks
  • How do I set up my Mac to serve web pages with Apache?
  • How do I add a new user account?
  • How do I make an application launch automatically when I start up?
  • How do I disable the shutdown and restart buttons on the login screen?
  • How do I enable the root user?
  • How do I change the genie effect for windows collapsing into the dock?
  • How do I get open a Terminal window and get a shell prompt?
  • How do I write and run a Perl script in Mac OS X?
  • How do I hide the hard disks on the desktop?
  • How do I force the finder to open a folder into a new window?
  • How do I delete a file that has write permissions for no one?
  • How do I force Internet Explorer to use the Carbonized version of Stuff?

You can find a range of great information at the MacTipsCafe Web site.