Looking at What Vista Lacks Compared to Leopard

Microsoft is often accused of copying other OSes, but there is a healthy list of eighteen features that Windows should have, but doesnit, according to PCWorld. The list is a eye-opening catalog of what Vista users are missing.

In fact, Robert Strohmeyer wrote, while Windows is the worldis dominant OS, when comparing it to Mac OS X and Linux, Vista can seem very incomplete.

Hereis the list sans the authoris extensive discussion:

  1. Expose
  2. Virtual Workspaces
  3. Back to My Mac
  4. Screen Sharing
  5. Time Machine
  6. ISO Burning of CDs
  7. Stickies
  8. Podcast Capture
  9. Software Repositories (Linux, BSD)
  10. Desktop Cube (Linux, BSD)
  11. Application Dock
  12. Automated Screen Shots
  13. Multitouch Gestures
  14. Cover Flow
  15. Preinstalled Apache Web Server
  16. POSIX compliance
  17. Standardized Menu Bar
  18. Applications as single directory

While the list is heavily Mac-centric and could be interpreted as a Mac OS X promotion in disguise, it also serves as a healthy reminder of what Microsoft has either been unable to copy or has been prevented from copying via Apple patents. In either case, the article is an eye-opener for anyone who may be considering moving from a Mac to Windows and what life would be like.