Low End Mac Posts Results Of Mac Web Site Survey

Low End Mac has published the results of their Best of the Mac Web survey. The survey was conducted for a week and prohibited people from voting more than once. It measured how well Mac sites were known and asked participants to rate each site either Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, or Unacceptable. If you werenit familiar with the Web site, you were asked not to vote. According to the results page: 

We were looking for two things: how well known sites are (users were asked to skip over sites they werenit familiar with) and what visitors thought of the Mac sites they were familiar with.

We asked most of the sites listed (all those we could find e-mail addresses for) to post a link to the survey so results are far broader than would otherwise be possible. Iive tried to make sure the results wouldnit be skewed by the fact that Low End Mac is running the survey; I think weive succeeded.

This is not a scientific or objective survey. We are asking for opinions, so everything is pretty subjective. We just wanted to get a feeling for how the public perceives the Mac Web.

Some of the results may surprise you, and we think this was a very interesting survey. The Mac Observer showed up as the 12th most well-known site and the 15th most highly regarded site. We would like to thank Low End Mac for undertaking this survey and the hard work of compiling the results.