M-Audio Releases New Reference Monitors

M-Audio announced Tuesday the release of a new set of reference monitors called the Studiophile BX5a. The BX5a is an update to the companyis previous generation of Studiophile monitors, the BX5. According to M-Audio, the "upgrade centers on improved driver materials and a stylish new industrial design."

The units feature a 5" low-frequency driver cone is crafted from Kevlar, which the company says is "ideal" for use in speaker cones. At the high end is a 1" high frequency driver made of natural silk. For separation, the units come with a built-in crossover that supplies 40 watts of power to the low end, and 30 watts of power to the high end. In addition, they are shielded for use near a computer or CRT display.

M-Audio lists the specifications for the BX5s as follows: The BX5a include 56Hz-22kHz frequency response, 3kHz crossover frequency, greater than 100dB dynamic range (typical, A-weighted), input impedance of 20k ohms balanced (10k ohms unbalanced) and input sensitivity of 90dBA SPL at 1 meter with 85 mV pink noise input  (volume control at maximum). The BX5a is factory programmed for either 115V ~50/60Hz or 230V~50/60Hz. Protective features include RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn-on/off transient, subsonic filter, and external mains fuse. Dimensions are 9.85 in. (h) x 6.54 in. (w) x 7.88 in. (d); weight is 11 lbs/unit.

The BX5a is priced at US$399.95 for a pair, and you can find more information at M-Audiois Web site. The speakers are available immediately.

The Studiophile BX5a