MACWORLD Expo Is This Week?

Holy Heck! Is is MACWORLD week already? It literally seems like MACWORLD San Francisco was only a couple of months ago, but I guess that isnit the case.This week, our staff is packing up the virtual printing presses and shipping them to New York. We will have the largest team that we have ever had at this weekis show, with coverage starting tomorrow. Kyle DiAddario, our Assistant Editor, will be covering the Warm UP Rally tomorrow morning, and our full team will be covering the keynote on Wednesday. We will provide our usual live updates on the keynote, barring any technical problems, and will offer a wrap up as soon after Steve Jobsi presentation as is possible. The Idiots will also be making their video reports of the show, perhaps our most popular MACWORLD feature. We will be offering several reports from the show floor each day throughout the week.This is going to be a very exciting show, and we expect several new products to be announced. We are also hoping to see a Beta version of Mac OS X, though we are not yet sure of that. At MACWORLD San Francisco, Mr. Jobs announced that the first beta of Appleis next generation OS would be released this summer, and we are hoping that means it will be released at this show.Every MACWORLD seems like it will be more exciting than the last. The lone exception might have been the MACWORLD after the iMac was introduced, but that show too proved to be an excellent one. This yearis New York show also offers a lot of promise with record attendance projected and a lot of pre-show hype. We hope you enjoy our coverage!Thanks,Bryan Chaffin Editor-in-Chief The Mac Observer