MAKI Shipping Internet Security App

MAKI Enterprises, Inc. is now shipping a new app, Dial Defender. Dial Defender is an internet security utility designed to prevent unauthorized phone numbers from being accessed online. Dial Defender is compatible with OS 8.6-9.2. According to MAKI Enterprises:

MAKI Enterprise Inc. releases Internet setting surveillance software Dial Defender prevent connection to doubtful phone number such as international call, charged call and long distance call.

When doubtful phone numbers are registered, Dial Defender will disconnect the PPP, quit the browser and warning window will shown.

Dial Defender protect you from fraudsoftware or rewrites a internet settings.

Dial Defender features:

  • Monitor your registered phone number.
  • When internet settings is rewritten, it intercepts and warns.(Passive defense)
  • Prevent the settings rewriting. (Active defense)
  • Multiple phone numbers, Multi user are supported
  • Easy operation. Check your numbers and click setting button
  • Works on Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2

You can find more information about Dial Defender at the MAKI Enterprises, Inc. Web site. Dial Defender is avilable for US$15.00.