MDG Updates Web Server Suite

MDG has updated their Web server and e-commerce suite, WS4D/eCommerce, to version 3.5.2. WS4D/eCommerce allows users to easily build Web sites with e-commerce capabilities, including shopping carts, credit card authorization, and more. The new version includes a feature that allows designers greater control over how database information is linked and displayed. According to MDG:

MDG Computer Services, Inc, a leading developer of web and eCommerce tools for Macintosh and, Windows announced today that it shipped version 3.5.2 of Web Server 4D and WS4D/eCommerce, its a single application that includes a full featured web server, shopping carts, storefronts, credit authorization, virtual domains, and database publishing.

Whatis New With Version 3.5.2
Web Server 4D 3.5.2 is minor release with a few major new features. Web Server 4D 3.5.2 adds a powerful new tag that allows database results to include links on any field, including graphics. This allows database result pages to look friendlier and have more flexibility.

For those that co-locate their WS4D server, a new Show/Hide menus with password protection is now included. This feature allows you to hide all menus and only access them after entering a user defined password. Not only is this good for co-located servers, but it is useful to protect all the data within WS4D at your office.

Whatis New With WS4D/eCommerce
WS4D/eCommerce 3.5.2 adds support for the WorldPay credit card gateway ( WorldPay supports multiple currencies and can automatically convert the order total to the customeris local currency. For those selling world wide, your customers will love this service.There have been many changes at Verisign and LinkPoint, version 3.5.2 supports those changes.

New tags that allow personalization of the default shopping folder are also included.

For those customers using DreamWeaver (or other professional HTML Editors), the Shopping folder has been "cleaned up" by DreamWeaver for less problems and cleaner HTML code.

Pricing for WS4D/eCommerce begins at US$595. You can find more information at the MDG Web site.