MGL And MacLotto Team To Give Away Soundsticks

MacGameris Ledge and MacLotto are teaming up for a special holiday week giveaway. Sometime today or tomorrow, someone will win a set of Harman/Kardon Soundsticks from the MacLotto web site. According to MacLotto: and are teaming up to give away a set of USB Harman/Kardon 3-piece Soundsticks with iSub subwoofer. This audio system is perfect for the audiophile or hard-core gamer. MacGameris Corey Tam?s recently gave a glowing review of this audio system, saying "For my money Iid have to say that the SoundSticks/iSub setup is the only real choice for quality Macintosh audio at this time."

You obviously canit go wrong with this USB speaker system (valued at US $189.00). It comes complete with two satellite sticks (four speakers per stick) and one 6-inch iSub subwoofer. The Soundsticks have won several awards and have received numerous excellent reviews from audio and computing magazines.

The prize will be awarded randomly to one entrant of the regular November 21-22, 2000 game session. To enter, a player must simply register (free) and choose six numbers from the Play Card. Users who match drawn numbers later in the day will also win other Macintosh-related prizes, including a new Apple iMac DV+!

You can find more information, and register to win, at the MacLotto web site.