MP3 Player Air Whisper Updated With New Menu Feature

The Kanex Group, Inc. has released an update for Air Whisper, bringing it to version 1.3. Air Whisper is an MP3 utility designed for audio playback and browsing of stored MP3 files. The update features an added menu feature and a bug fix. According to The Kanex Group, Inc:

Today Kanex Group Inc. has released new version of its compact MP3 Player for Macintosh. Air Whisper 1.3 enables a high-quality playback and easy browsing through MP3 files, while takes much less system resources than other MP3 players.

Created for Mac OS X, and at the same time supporting classic Mac OS, Air Whisper is instantly accessible being always on top of all other programs running. Moreover, nobody likes a player that eats memory and brakes for other tasks and skips. Air Whisper was designed to be free from such drawbacks.

The new version has the following enhancements:

  • Fixed bug with positioning on the big track
  • Clear Recent Albums menu added

You can find more information about the Air Whisper update at the Softwarium Web site. Air Whisper is available for US$10.00.