MP G4/500's And G4 Cube's Starting To Show Up (Updated 2:30 PM)

Elite Computers and Software are reporting that they have received a full shipment of the recently announced high-end multi-processor G4/500, as well as a shipment of the new G4 Cube. Since they have been able to fill all backorders, they are now taking orders and shipping the long awaited new Apple machines. According to Elite Computers:

Elite Computers & Software, an Apple Specialist located directly across the street from Apple Headquarters, announces receiving it?s first shipment of the new G4 500DP Towers! "All back orders have been filled and Elite Computers now has lots of G4 500DP Towers In Stock and Available for Immediate Delivery", said Thomas Armes, president of Elite Computers & Software.

Elite has also announced that they have received a shipment of the new G4 Cube, and now have the machines in stock and are ready to ship to waiting customers.

"In addition, Elite Computers also has lots of G4 450DPis, G4 400is and ALL the new iMacs in large quantities in stock today." Elite Computers & Software can be reached at 408.257.8000.

You can contact Elite Computers and Software for more information.