MSNBC Offers An Alternate Look At Worm Suspect Jeffrey Parson

What have you heard about Jeffrey Parson, the 18-year old alleged "cyber-hacker" suspected of creating a variant of the Blaster worm? That heis a loner? That heis had many run-ins with local law enforcement? That the government took seven computers from Parson when he was arrested? According to Mr. Parsons and his family, who were the subject of an MSNBC article, none of this is true.

In the article, MSNBC talks to Jeffrey Parson and his parents about the case, discussing such things as Mr. Parsonis cooperation with the FBI and the Secret Service prior to his arrest. In the article, he claims that he was not read his Miranda rights or offered an attorney, that the way the press is describing him is largely false, and how the Parson household has been the target of numerous harassing and threatening calls from people calling because of a completely different virus. From MSNBC:

Press accounts have labeled Parson as a troubled kid. Those who gave interviews to news organizations told stories of his reckless driving down neighborhood streets, trouble with other kids, and rumored that he was no stranger to law enforcement.

"I donit know where this stuff came from," Parson said. "I donit even have a driveris license, and I donit drive, so how could I be racing down the street?"

"Iim the complete opposite of the way Iive been portrayed in the press. Iim not a loner. I have a very supportive close group of friends. Iim not reckless, I donit do drugs, smoke or drink. This is the first time I have ever had a run in with the law. Itis hurtful to see the accounts of me. Iim not depressed, embarrassed about my weight, or a misfit."

You can read much more in the full article at MSNBCis Web site. We recommend it as an enlightening read.