MWNY User Group Presence To Be Significant

With MACWORLD New York right around the corner it looks as if this will be one of the largest shows for User Group participation in history. Registration for the User Group University sessions are drawing to a close, and there are a few seats left for the Corel User Group Breakfast. According to the MUG Center:

MACWORLD & USER GROUP UNIVERSITY UPDATE: Time is running out! The Apple and Adobe User Group Breakfasts are now filled to capacity and closed, but there are still a few seats for the Corel User Group Breakfast. If you want to join fellow MUG leaders for this presentation on the first morning of Macworld, register now!

User Group University is also rapidly approaching capacity. Online registration ends on July 12 at midnight PST. After that, and only if there are seats available, youill need cash at the door on July 17th at the New Yorker Hotel.

Trish Huffman named MUG Producer for World Without Borders:
Trish is well known throughout the Macintosh community as an enthusiastic and personable Global Community Staff (GCS) member on World Without Borders. Due to WWBis growth in popularity among Macintosh User Groups, Trish has been named as the MUG Producer for WWB. She will be the lead person responsible for all MUG chats and activities at World Without Borders. WWB has been an outstanding supporter of user groups, hosting four individual MUG-focused chats each month, including MUGs in their special event planning, and partnering with the User Group Advisory Board at Macworld San Francisco to deliver live chats from the show floor. Trishis designation assures that the best is yet to come!

MACWORLD UPDATE: The schedule for the User Group Lounge at Macworld Expo has been announced. The place to get up close and personal with Macintosh celebrities and newsmakers, the UGL features a wide variety of guests and sessions of interest to both the general Macintosh audience as well as Macintosh User Group leaders and members.

Appleis web site has been updated with a summary of all the Macintosh User Group events at Macworld Expo.

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