MW: Apple's Reach Exceeds its Grasp

Apple has gone from a company that makes an offbeat, non-Windows computer to one that makes all kinds of cool products. Apple has steamrolled over much of the competition, but in the last year signs of strain are showing, and Appleis reach has exceeded its grasp, according to Jason Snell at Macworld on Wednesday.

Apple is still small in many ways compared to Microsoft. Microsoftis revenues are twice Appleis and Microsoft employs 91,000 people worldwide compared to Appleis 21,000.

As a result, Appleis limited resources and ambitions plans are often mismatched. Last yearis delay of Leopard is one example, according to Mr. Snell. MobileMe is the latest.

Appleis strain and Mr. Jobsi recent apology for MobileMeis launch are well known. The question now is, what does Apple do next? Does Apple need to hire more people, scale back its ambitions or both? The editor of Macworld doesnit have any specific suggestions, but itis his hope that for the sake of the customers and the company, Apple figures it before another "July 11" happens.