MacASP 1.13 Update Features Enhanced Sendmail has released an update for MacASP, bringing it to version 1.13 MacASP is a utility designed for server-side Web development. The update features enhanced sendmail and MacHTTP 2.6 support. According to

MacASP 1.13 is released, providing server-side processing for Mac Web servers to allow the creation of dynamic Web sites. I It is not designed to be compatible with Microsoftis ASP, but rather to take advantage of specific Mac technologies (AppleScript, Quicktime...)

The new version adds enhanced sendmail function, new Error_Message() function, email address verification, MacHTTP 2.6 virtual hosting compatibility and a lot of fixes and improvements.

You can find more information about the MacASP update at the Web site. MacASP is free for use with Appleis Personal Web Sharing Classic and MacHTTP, and is US$299.00 for other Mac Web servers.