MacAddict Releases A Free 5 Year Anniversary DVD

MacAddict has just turned 5. To make the anniversary special, they have released a DVD to celebrate their strange happenings... oops, we meant "hard work," of course. According to MacAddict:

MacAddict Magazine is celebrating its 5th anniversary by giving away a special, limited edition DVD. Weive rounded up 5 years of rare and not-so-rare MacAddict moments on this special-edition compilation. What do you get?

On your Mac

  • Every MacAddict staff video from issues 1 through 60. Find out the history of "Prison Guy" and the iBorg. Thatis over 2 GB of videos!
  • Over 23 hours of our classic Internet radio show, The MacAddict Hour.

On your television

  • The music video "I Will Love You" by Mac-fanatic band, Fisher.
  • The cinematic trailer for Myst III: Exile.
  • A 13-minute Macumentary of the popular Internet radio show, The Mac Show.
  • Full-screen trailer for the action-packed, Internet-only film, Radius.
  • "Robogates" trailer - a Mac-made comedy, chock-full of special effects, with a special appearance by San Francisco mayor Willie Brown!
  • The famous "Funny Macs" video from the July 2001 issue of MacAddict. A favorite!

The DVD is free except for a US$3.99 shipping and handling fee. You can order at