MacAddict's Ian Sammis On Tonight's MacOS Radio

The first week in January always leads to thoughts and talk of the upcoming MACWORLD Expo. Tonightis MacOS Radio show will feature MacAddictis Ian Sammis to offer insight and predictions on what we might expect from next weekis big event. According to MacOS Radio:

Tonight, on our last show before MacWorld, Ian Sammis from MacAddict will beback on to discuss all of the new cool things coming for us in less than aweek. Ian will also be giving us his opinion on the different rumors thathave been spinning around in our heads. We will be talking about thedifferent things that we expect to see in San Francisco, and what we wouldalso like to see. Also, we will outline our plans for next weeks show, andmaybe have some new, extra special stuff for our listeners over the courseof the MacWorld week.

You can tune in every Monday, this week is Tuesday due to the holidays, at 7:00PM EST at the MacOS Radio web site.