MacBook Pro, Leopard Score InfoWorld Technology Awards

Appleis MacBook Pro and Mac OS X 10.5 operating system both landed on top of InfoWorldis 2008 Technology of the Year Awards list. The annual awards highlight the best and most ground breaking products from the prior year.

Appleis MacBook Pro ranked as the top notebook computer thanks to its Intel Santa Rosa chip set and overall usability and production quality. InfoWorld said "The glossy LED screen is a revelation. A dedicated graphics processor ensures that the system is always responsive. The sole blemish, inflexible power management, should not deter any power user -- even a power Windows user -- from adopting this notebook as his or her everyday machine."

InfoWorld called Leopard "a turning point for the Mac," and added "Leopard users and developers immediately reap the benefits of Leopardis greatly enhanced Mac frameworks. Almost nothing is buried for Apple or developers to uncover, while users gain from Appleis unsurpassed attention to usability and effortless integration from stem to stern. Leopard will change the way you work with computers, entirely for the better."

While Apple products regularly receive awards for quality, design, and usability, InfoWorldis Technology of the Year Awards are significant in that the publication typically focuses on PC and Windows-based products.