MacCoreMac Releases Mental Case 1.0

MacCoreMac released Mental Case 1.0 on Wednesday. The software combines text, images, a database, and flash-card technology to aid the the cataloging and refreshing of personal information.

The product is described as "RSS for your head." Mental Case has been designed to combat the rise of information overload in modern life. With so much information bombarding us each day, it is no longer about what you know, but where you know to find out more.

Mental Case

Mental Case is a tool for mental notes to the user. I can combine screenshots, an image, and text to form a database of mental notes. As an aid in learning or memory, the user can execute a flash card mode to replay the data.

Customized lessons can also be created, based on themes.

"Mental Case is very useful for know-where. It can help you remember about the existence of a book, Web site, or particular technique so ? when you need to draw on that information ? you know where to find out more. Knowing what to search for is 99% of the battle," according tot he Website.

Mental Case 1.0 is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.4. It comes with a 30-day free trial and is priced at US$29.00.