MacGamez Back And Better Than Ever

The good folks at have revamped their site. The new version of the site is dedicated to news, reviews, and commentary on all aspects of the Mac gaming universe. MacGamez hopes to provide a complete resource for those looking for the most current information on the latest games. According to macGamez: is back!

Weive added to our old staff, updated the siteis look, and shifted our aim. From now on, our goal will be dishing out informative, hands-on reviews and features to the burgeoning Mac gaming industry and displaying Portal links to partnership gaming site. We want to post well written pieces that look at Mac gaming in bold and fun ways.

As part of our mission statement, weive decided to virtually eliminate traditional news coverage from this site. With the vast multitude of Mac news sites around the world, only a few rise to the top as worthy of attention, and we realize that we do not have the resources to give our readers the coverage that other, more established sites already provide.

Whatis unique about Our writers are thoughtful and clear as essayists; perceptive and pointed as critics. Our writers are everyday Mac gamers, and they are intent on keeping the thrill of gaming alive in each and every review, interview and special feature. We employ columnists rarely seen in Mac publications such as Mac gaming ex-devotees, Apple [Retail] Store employees as well as the traditional reviewers and columnists. Weill serve reviews that are in-depth and fair, not veiled advertorials. Weill bring you interviews from the people behind the products-interviews that give you a look at how the industry works, and how the people behind it feel keep everything moving. And of course, weill continue to post the best interest-specific column series on the Internet: the Mac Traitor, Inside Apple-and more soon to come.

What is our goal? We want to be the first place you point your browser when a new game ships and you want to read a review. We want you to be a part of this site, and to talk to us. Tell us when weire right or wrong, and feel free to let loose. We want you to tell us with gusto that our columnists are spot on, or dead wrong, or missed the point. We want you to read an interview and say, "Gee, I never thought of that." We want you to care about what we post, because weire having fun with our Macs. We want you to be too.

You can find more information at the new MacGamez Web site.