MacGeneration Wants Your Mac Product For Apple Expo Awards

French Mac site MacGeneration will be conducting its own awards program for the upcoming Apple Expo trade show. The site is soliciting entries for the show, which will be held in Paris starting on August 31st. The prize includes a trophy, as well as services and products for the winner. From MacGeneration:

Our site is organizing the 2004 edition of the MacGeneration Awards, and this year we really want to focus the event around the developers that work so hard to make the Mac platform the best ever. So, we have set up a special category that will reward independent developers and programming teams for their great work. And the great thing is that they will not only get an original trophy designed by swiss designer Rolf Zweifel but also a bunch of useful prizes like Web hosting, media strategy courses, computer bags, etc...

You can enter your product directly at MacGenerationis Web site. MacGeneration notes that for entries to be eligible, they must be available in French, and that by doing so the site is hoping to promote localization releases of more Mac products.