MacMUSE Releases Toolbox For Teachers

MacMUSE Software has a new utility aimed at teachers called Teacheris Toolbox. The iToolboxi contain 6 tools teachers will find useful in their daily routine. From MacMUSE:

MacMuse Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of Teacheris Toolbox version 1.0. Teacheris Toolbox is a handy utility application with 6 modules which assist the teacher or parent with common tasks and lesson planning. The modules are:

List Manager: Create lists of almost anything. Create sets of list items. View and print whole list or by set. "Find" function available. Import and export to clipboard or text file.

Cryptogram: Create and save "keys" for use in making cryptograms. Paste a short story and the program will create and print the puzzle for immediate use.

Word Find: Create a "classic" word find puzzle. Enter words for your word list individually or import a text file. Enter words into the puzzle manually or let Teacheris Toolbox 1.0 do it.

Name Manager: Manipulate lists of names. Flip first and last names. Alphabetize. Import and export.

Web Sites: Store favorite web sites and go to them with one click. A starting list of educational sites is included.

Password Vault: Just remember the entry password, then safely store all ofyour personal passwords and student passwords in this one location.

**The registered version of Teacheris Toolbox 1.0 creates a shortcut which you can use to go directly to this module for quick password reference.**

"Help" is available under the Help Menu. A tutorial to show you some of Teacheris Toolbox 1.0is features is also available there.

Visit the MacMUSE website for more information about Teacheris Toolbox and other shareware applications.