MacMusicKB Now Shipping

MacMusic has released a new app for Mac users, MacMusicKB. MacMusicKB is a utility designed for AZERTY keyboard shortcuts. The app features several styles of French language support. According to MacMusic:

MacMusic releases MacMusicKB v1.01, a freeware AZERTY keyboards set to implement the dot (".") on the nunemic keypad and the brackets (" [ ] ") keys.

A lot of software use the apple key + brackets as essential shortcuts or the apple key + dot to cancel actions, but due to a different key assignements on AZERTY keyboards, most users of these keyboards were unable to use it. MacMusicKB solves this!

MacMusicKB includes the following keyboards:

  • French
  • French numerical
  • Swiss French
  • Canadian French

You can find more information about the MacMusicKB release at the MacMusic Web site. MacMusicKB is available as freeware.

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