MacPlay Developing Hearts Of Iron For Mac Gamers

MacPlay has announced the upcoming Mac development of Hearts of Iron from Virtual programming. Hearts of Iron is a strategy styled game set during the years 1936-46. The game will feature historically accurate nations and maps, as well as the ability to create new weapons and technology from that era. According to MacPlay:

MacPlay, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC, announced today that Mac gamers will soon have the opportunity to shape the course of mid-20th century history with Hearts of Iron, the next release in their exclusive distribution agreement with British publisher Virtual Programming.

Spanning the years 1936-1946, Hearts of Iron offers epic gameplay on a global map which features every nation in the world at that time. Players select a country and build its technology and military, even developing super-weapons in the process, as they plan a strategy to win World War II. They can take the war to any front they wish and in the process drastically alter the course of history.

You can find more information about Hearts of Iron at the MacPlay Web site. Hearts of Iron will be available for US$29.99.