MacPlay To Ship Baldur's Gate II: Throne Of Bhaal

MacPlay has announced the upcoming release of Balduris Gate II: Throne of Bhall. The Throne of Bhaal is an expansion pack to the popular role playing styled game. With this release, the Balduris Gate saga comes to a close in the country of Tethyr and features new magic items and multiple endings. According to MacPlay:

Every story has an ending, and the epic Balduris Gate(tm) saga concludes in Balduris Gate(tm) II: Throne of Bhaal(tm), the expansion pack to the best-selling role playing game (RPG) Balduris Gate(tm) II: Shadows of Amn(tm).

MacPlay, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC, announced today that it will bring the product to Mac OS X under license from the Hasbro Properties Group.

Like its predecessors, Throne of Bhaal(tm) uses official rules from Dungeons & Dragons, the long-running pen-and-paper RPG from Wizards of the Coasts. Players can either import their entire party from Shadows of Amn(tm) (or create a new, high-level character and have the opportunity to choose a new class, the wild mage.

They can also ask any of the non-player characters (NPCs) from Shadows of Amn(tm) to join them in their quest.

The story takes players south of the city of Amn, to the country of Tethyr, where the final battle awaits. Playersi characters are now Bhaal Spawn who possess the power to battle dozens of new monsters, including blue dragons, fire giants, and magic golems, as they attempt to fulfill their final destiny.

As they uncover the mysteries in Watcheris Keep and other Tethyr locales, they can advance as high as 40th level, amassing up to 8 million experience points and picking up new special abilities along the way.

You can find more information about the Balduris Gate II: Throne of Bhaal release at the MacPlay Web site. Balduris Gate II: Throne of Bhaal will be available November 21st for US$29.99.