MacPlay To Ship GameHouse CD-ROM

MacPlay and Mumbo Jumbo will soon be shipping games from developer GameHouse. The CD-ROMs will feature titles originally developed for online gameplay, now available on disc. The first release, Super GameHouse Collection, includes the popular game Super Collapse! with additional features not found on the Internet version. According to MacPlay:

MacPlay and Mumbo Jumbo announced today that nationwide office productivity will decline soon thanks to their agreement with GameHouse, the industry leader in creating addictive, high-quality puzzle and action games that are perfect for quick—or not-so-quick—breaks at work.

The partnership will take GameHouse’s most popular online games and distribute them on CD-ROMs in national retail outlets. The games will be available for Windows and Macintosh through Mumbo Jumbo and MacPlay, respectively.

The first release in the agreement is Super GameHouse Collection, which includes Super Collapse!, the deluxe version of the most popular game on the Internet. GameHouse estimates that over 200,000 people spend an average of 40 minutes a day playing the Tetris-like Internet version, in which the goal is to clear rows of colored bricks before the pile reaches the top of the screen.

Super GameHouse Collection also includes Super Nisqually! and Super Glinx! on the same CD. All three games offer features not found in the Internet versions, including full-screen play, additional gameplay music, high-resolution graphics, and high-score posting.

You can find more information about the Super GameHouse Collection at the MacPlay Web site. The Super GameHouse Collection will be available for US$29.99.