MacQ Develops New Video Deck Error Logger

MacQ Productions has developed an application designed on and for Macintosh systems, the E•Logger. The E•Logger is a utility designed for logging timecode and audio errors found on video tapes and digital media. The app features printing support of error logs and compatibility with all RS-422 control decks including HD playback decks. According to MacQ Productions:

Digital video recorders offer the ability to log video and audio errors. That’s great, but the problem is that the error logs are stored internally, with no way to save or print them.

Enter E•Logger, which will “watch” your tapes and log all video and audio errors.

E•Logger also can log time code breaks and discontinuities on both digital and analog recorders and players.

Simply load your tape, rewind if necessary, enter a reel name and click the Log Tape button. E•Logger will put the tape into play and log any and all errors. At the end of the program, your log will be ready to be printed out, saved to disk or both.

You can find more information about E•Logger at the MacQ Productions Web site. E•Logger is available for US$195.00.