MacResQ Announces Same-Day Pickup

MacResQ has announced a new same-day pickup service for the PowerBookResQ program. Users who need immediate laptop repair can expect same day pickup via Airborne Express. The laptop is then shipped to the service center the next morning for diagnostic. According to MacResQ:

MacResQ announced today a new nationwide same-day pickup service as part of their PowerBookResQ repair program. The new same-day pickup allows PowerBook or iBook users to get their computers repaired and back in their hands faster than ever, improving on PowerBookResQis already fast, convenient and affordable service.

PowerBookResQ addresses the difficulty that most users face when they encounter a technical problem with their PowerBook. Users of older PowerBooks face a tough challenge trying to find a local source for older parts and service.

Rather than driving all over town and then waiting days or weeks to get your computer back, PowerBookResQ customers simply call 1-866-Mac-Repair. Every Airborne Express delivery vehicle in the United States is stocked with our revolutionary PowerBox, ready for your PowerBook crisis the moment it happens.

You can find more information about the PowerBookResQ same-day pickup service at the MacResQ Web site. The same-day pickup service is available for US$149.00.