MacResponder 1.5 Updated With New Email Engine

Bruno Blondeau has released an update for MacResponder, bringing it to version 1.5. MacResponder is a an email utility designed for automatic account response. The update featrues an improved email engine and Panther optimizations. According to Bruno Blondeau:

Bruno Blondeau is announcing the 1.5 version of MacResponder, an automated email responder for when youire unavailable.

MacResponder scans email accounts periodically and automatically sends replies to tell people youire away or in vacation. For advanced users, MacResponder features rule-based settings to trigger actions based on the sender or the subject.


  • Improved email engine
  • New option to use POP3 plain text authentification
  • New option to use SMTP authentification
  • New preference option to avoid sending replies to messages which were already on the server at application launch
  • Fixed some crashing bugs
  • Speed improvements
  • Optimized for MacOS X 10.3 / Panther (application requires 10.2 or +)

You can find more information about the MacResponder update at the MacResponder home page. MacResponder 1.5 is available for US$14.95.