MacSpeech Adds Support For AOL 5.0 And FileMaker Pro 5.0

MacSpeech, makers of the popular iListen dictation program, has announced the availability of ScriptPaks for AOL 5.0 and FileMaker Pro 5.0. The ScriptPaks work with iListen or ListenDo! and add spoken command and control features for these two programs. According to MacSpeech:

Macintosh Speech Recognition authority MacSpeech announced today the availability of ScriptPaks for America Online 5.0 and FileMaker Pro 5.0. ScriptPaks are compatible with the companyis free ListenDo! program, and iListen its next generation speech recognition program for both dictation and command & control.

The America Online ScriptPak sells for $10 and has 22 commands that allow the user to access many of America Onlineis most commonly used features. The FileMaker Pro 5 ScriptPak sells for $25 and has over 30 commands to do things like move between records, switch modes, zoom in and out, as well as many of FileMaker Pro 5is most commonly used features.

ScriptPaks enhance command & control functionality only and are not required for iListen to dictate into virtually any application using the MacSpeechis exclusive TalkAnywhere technology.

You can find more information on the latest ScriptPaks, as well as iListen, at the MacSpeech Web site.