MacSpeech Announced MouseAnywhere Add-On for iListen

MacSpeech has announced a new ScriptPak add-on for iListen called MouseAnywhere. iListen is the companyis Mac-only speech recognition software, and MouseAnywhere adds new abilities to command oneis mouse through voice commands.

According to MacSpeech, users will be able to use commands such as "Go," "Nudge," and "Move Mouse." The software also allows users to click or drag the mouse, though this requires holding down a modifier key.

MouseAnywhere is priced at US$19.95, and requires iListen 1.6.5 and Mac OS X 10.3 or later. You can find more information on iListen at MacSpeechis Web site.

iListen is priced at $99 ($84.88 - Amazon) for a software-only package, or as a bundle with a headset for $149 ($129.99 - Amazon).