MacTreasuers Digs Up Hard To Find Software

MacTreasures has added over 40 new educational software titles to their system. These titles, as with all of MacTreasuresi software, are often difficult or impossible to find through more traditional vendors and provide Mac using parents with a host of options for helping children learn a variety of skills. According to MacTreasuers:

MacTreasures, a web sitespecializing in Macintosh software and hardware not found onretail shelves has added 46 education titles to its main website and 41 titles to its Education Site for teachers.

The My Work series, created by CD Garden, Inc., is a seriesof nine games designed to encourage exploration anddiscovery that will excite young children (2 to 8 years old)and help them develop skills. The games are organized bylevel of difficulty, so the Keybang game is suited for avery young child while the Spell game is more appropriate for an older child.This means that your child will play these games and buildskills for several years. My Work series is available as ahybrid CD or on 3.5" disks for the individual games.

Beginning Sounds for ages 3-5 is one of the severaleducation titles from School Zone, Inc. that have been addedto the MacTreasures web site. Available on hybrid CDs, theSchool Zone titles are aimed at children from 3-8 years ofage. Titles include, besides Beginning Sounds, Go Fish,Addition Subtraction, Spelling Puzzles 1 and MultiplicationDivision.

MacTreasures Education Site for schools and teacherscurrently lists, with the new additions to the site, over5200 titles. Titles listed are for all age levels andgrades, plus bilingual, special education and TeachingTools.

You can find more information about these titles, as well as other services provided by MacTreasuers, at their Web site.