MacUpdate Promo Reaches 2nd Milestone, iStabilize now Included

MacUpdate recently launched a promotion that initially included seven popular applications valued at over US$230 for just US$49. A feature of the promo is that when bundle sales reach specific milestones, new applications are added. The second milestone has now been reached, and the total bundle, with nine applications, is now worth over US$600.00. The promo expires on Tuesday, December 11th at midnight EST.

Last week, MacUpdate reached first unlock milestone of 1,000 copies sold and added XMIND 2008 Pro to the bundle for free. On Sunday, the second milestone of 2,400 bundles was sold, and iStabilize was added.

The first seven applications offered are: Forklift, RapidWeaver, Swift Publisher, Marine Aquarium, Xslimmer, MemoryMiner, and Yep worth over US$230 altogether. Now that XMIND PRO and iStiabilze have been added, the bundle, still priced at $49, is worth over US$600.

The final milestone, 5,000 bundles sold, will unlock PulpMotion. The MacUpdate promo expires on Tuesday, December 11th at midnight Eastern Standard Time.